Schmid Pharma is a family owned company, founded in 2015. Our portfolio consists of high quality, niche products and new drug delivery systems, such as Orodispersible film tablets (OroFilm).
We have set up strategic partnerships with various specialized pharmaceutical companies throughout the world, where Schmid Pharma will act as the exclusive agent.

Our company’s activities are:
– Licensing and supplies of pharmaceutical end products both OTC and prescription drugs
– Supply of liposomes

All of our products are available under private label.

Schmid Pharma strives to improve the health of people all over the world by offering high quality products. Focusing on patients’ needs, we aim to provide consumer friendly dosage forms. Our portfolio includes multiple formulations and innovative ODF formulations. We can offer an interesting line extension to your cough and cold portfolio. We also offer various products like Vitamine D3 tablets, Chondroitine capsules, Paracetamol + Codein phosphate tablets, Oseltamivir capsules, Codeine Phosphate tablets and Clozapine tablets.

We believe that with our expertise, customer focus and interesting portfolio we will be able to serve the needs of customers in multiple countries. We look forward to get in touch with you!


The CEO of the company is Ronald Schmid. With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry he can build on a broad network. Ronald Schmid started his career working for the pharma section of Akzo Nobel, in various senior positions, before he founded his own company Pharmacin BV in 1986.
Pharmacin started its activities in raw materials for the food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Within a few years after start up, Pharmacin expanded its business to generic pharmaceuticals. Starting with an own label of generic products in the Netherlands it soon expanded its activities to other countries in geographical Europe and beyond.
The company was sold to Aurobindo Pharma Limited in 2006. Ronald Schmid continued to lead the company in the Netherlands until 2009.